Scholarly Notes of Transbaikal State University (Uchenye Zapiski Zabaikalskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta ) is a Russian peer-reviewed scientific serial publication. Its information policy is determined by the geopolitical position of Trans-Baikal Territory. The problem of transboundary position is especially emphasized. Geopolitical potential of the region allows involving foreign specialists from China, Mongolia, and South Korea and promotes the development of international relations. Mutually beneficial cooperation in the Asia-Pacific community can be achieved on the basis of the accumulated scientific potential.

     The editorial board includes prominent scientists from Russia and foreign countries that enables to enlarge the information space of Russian and foreign scientific cooperation.

Priority aims of the editorial policy:

▲ Popularization of science, increase of scientific and theoretical research potential in urgent humanitarian topics.

▲ Comprehensive international cooperation of scientists from the East and the West.

▲ Creating favourable atmosphere and effective conditions for publication of significant results of basic and applied research.

▲ Enhancement of research activity prestige, strengthening the links between science and education.

Strategic objectives of the editorial policy:

● dissemination of scientific information, involvement of new researchers;

● exchange of research experience between Russian and foreign scientists in the sphere of humanitarian knowledge;

● organization of the interaction between scientists and practitioners;

● efficient and reliable coverage of the research results of the leading scientists from Transbaikal State University and other scientific institutions from Russia and abroad;

● promotion of creative relations development between Transbaikal State University and other higher education institutions, research institutions from Russia and foreign countries.

Target audience of the journal:

Scholarly Notes of Transbaikal State University (Uchenye Zapiski Zabaikalskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta)  is addressed to a wide scientific community, university professors, graduate students, students, culture representatives and educators and those interested in information on urgent problems of modern science.

Description of the journal content:

The Editorial Board strictly keeps to the serial publication of the journals according to the declared area of research. Editing and architectonics of the series are oriented towards transparent, comprehensive and complex analysis of the topical problems of modern science. The main journal headings initiate the discussion on the issues of theory and practice of a certain branch of scientific knowledge. The heading “Discussions and Reviews” includes scientific commentary which enables to present a famous researcher’s original view on varied problems of modern science. The last part of the journal “Scholarly Life” presents summaries of the work of scientific conferences and reviews new scientific literature.

Basic principles of the editorial policy:

● Organization of qualitative institute of profile peer review of materials, observance of double-blind peer review principles.

● Expansion of geographic scope of urgent researches, creation of the journal’s positive image and prestige involving foreign and Russian authors with a high h-index into the content of publications.

● Consolidation of international, transnational and internal interests by establishing the comprehensive scientific relations between Russian and foreign authors.

● Maintenance of publication ethics based on the international standards, preclusion of business needs from intellectual and ethical standards of the editorial process.