Scholarly Notes of Transbaikal State University

Pdf_ico E. L. Vandanova Formation of teachers’ qualification on the prevention of extremism ideas distribution in children’s environment
Pdf_ico V. A. Novitskaya, A. A. Arkhipova Model of young pedagogues integration into the profession: from concept to implementation
Pdf_ico D. A. Pisarenko Evaluation of extracurricular activities effectiveness of university students in the context of the competency-based approach
Pdf_ico A. I. Ulzytueva, A. A. Makarova Formation of professional competences of the young age groups’ future teacher
Pdf_ico E. P. Chernova, L. Yu. Savinova Independent assessment of the student training quality for preschool and primary general education: experience of conducting FIEB and analysis of results


Pdf_ico A. B. Afanasyeva Ethnostudio «Springs. Introduction to ethnography» as means of harmonization of ethnic and civil identity of school students
Pdf_ico N. I. Vinogradova, T. A. Khodyukova, S. T. Kokhan Psychological factors for the viability of students with disabilities
Pdf_ico Olga P. Zhigalova Formation of the educational environment in the conditions of digital transformation of society
Pdf_ico N. M. Krylova, L. V. Timoshenko System-structural and activity approaches as a methodological basis for promoting the amplification of development and self-development in preschoolers of cognitive and verbal activities in their interrelation
Pdf_ico Z. B. Lopsonova Model planning or the regional program in infant schools
Pdf_ico R. I. Yafizova, L. K. Nichiporenko The economic socialization of older preschoolers: formation of ideas for children about the value of money


Pdf_ico A. M. Verbenets Approaches to the design of diagnostic tools to identify the experience of visiting museums of modern preschool children
Pdf_ico N. G. Dubeshka Мonitoring mechanisms of education quality management in a preschool education institution
Pdf_ico A. A. Mayer, G. N. Grishina Psychology of parents’ attitude in preschool education
Pdf_ico I. V. Rudenko, I. A. Nikireva Implementation of the technological approach in educational activities on the speech development of preschoolers
Pdf_ico N. V. Shaydurova Possibilities of graphic activity in preparation of children for writing under the conditions of the Federal state educational standard implementation
Pdf_ico A. A. Shibaeva, E. I. Ovchinnikova, S. A. Srulevich Simulation of physical and educational activities of preschool children with a focus on preparation for implementation of the RLD standards

Scientific Life

Pdf_ico Without a competent teacher there is no full development of a child (interview with A. I. Ulzytueva)

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Pdf_ico Scholarly Notes of Transbaikal State University. 2019. Vol. 14, No. 2