Pedagogical Sciences. 2018. Vol. 13, No. 6

Theory and methods of professional pedagogical education

Pdf_ico Desnenko S. I., Desnenko M. A. Elective Courses in the System of Methodical Training of Future Physics Teacher in Terms of New Educational Standards Implementation
Pdf_ico Zhigalova O. P., Sepik T. G. Features of Professional Training of Teachers of Informatics at the Present Stage
Pdf_ico Zandanova L. V., Dykusova T. V., Salakhova L. M. Preparation of Future Teachers for the Organization of Extracurricular Activities in History: Based on the Experience
Pdf_ico Kimova S. Z., Vasilyev A. A. Management of Future Secondary Vocational Education Teachers’ Practical Training in the Core University of the Region
Pdf_ico Rusinova N. P. Readiness of Students to Implement the Project Technology as a Condition for Professional Competence Formation
Pdf_ico Skorova L. V., Basov D. A. The Role of Professional Internship in the Development of Pedagogical Orientation of a Psychology Teacher
Pdf_ico Ulzytuyeva A. I., Ulsutueva O. D., Kurganskaya A. V. Experience of Network Interaction Realization in Future Preschool Teachers’ Training

Pdf_ico Bilgaeva N. Ts., Chimitova E. G. Diagnosis of Personality as a Factor in the Success of Training in High School
Pdf_ico Vaganova V. I., Dasheev D. E. The use of Business Games in an Automated Educational Complex in the Process of Professional Competencies Formation of Future Engineers
Pdf_ico Vaganova V. G. Methodical System of Teaching Physics for Bachelors of Technical Training in the Information Educational Environment of the University
Pdf_ico Dugarova D. C., Vandanova E. L. Sociocultural Conditionality of Education Content as a Public Weal
Pdf_ico Kiseleva I. N., Malanov I. A., Budaeva T. B. Features of Professional Adaptation of Students of Higher Education
Pdf_ico Novikov A. N. Geography for Non-Geographic Students: Meaning, Specific Content and Place in the Educational Process (on the Example of the Transbaikal State University)
Pdf_ico Fedotova A. D., Starostina S. E. Transdisciplinary Modules as a Means of Forming Universal Competences of Master Students According to Renewed Educational Standards


Pdf_ico Akhmedyanova A. Kh. Methodological Approaches, Principles and Directions of a Student’s Harmoniously Developed Personality Formation
Pdf_ico Kurilovich N. V., Chernova E. A. Formation of Teachers’ Readiness to Work with Children Disabilities
Pdf_ico Trofimova O. V. Use of the Communicative Tasks on Critical Listening of the Students’ Examination Answers аt Training 9-grade Students for the Speaking Part of the Russian Language Exam
Pdf_ico Cherepanova L. V., Yachmeneva N. E. The Problem of Training Pupils in Listening at the Russian Language Lessons: State and Prospects

Scientific Life

Pdf_ico “Wave motion of pedagogic educationˮ (interview with T. K. Klimenko)

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Pdf_ico Pedagogical Sciences. 2018. Vol. 13, No. 6