Pedagogical Sciences. 2018. Vol. 13, No. 5


Pdf_ico Doroshenko S. I., Doroshenko Yu. I. Method of Projects in Foreign and Domestic Pedagogy 1920–1930-ies
Pdf_ico Karnauh N. V. Forming of Students’ Legal Culture in the Russian Pedagogical Heritage in the Second Half of the XIX century – turn of the XX century
Pdf_ico Levchenko O. Yu. Development of Education in Russia in the Context of Historical Pedagogical Researches of the Beginning of 20-th century
Pdf_ico Semenova N. V. Political Education for Teenagers: Pro and Contra. View of History (20-ies of the XX century)
Pdf_ico Igumnova E. A., Voronova V. V. Realization of Pedagogical Ideas of I. N. Zhukov in Modern Children and Youth Public Movement


Pdf_ico Boyarkina М. V. Spiritual and Moral Education in the Context of Gender and Role Socialization
Pdf_ico Naumova O. S. The Problem of Scientific and Spiritual Harmony in Professional Training of Future Teachers: Historical and Pedagogical Aspect
Pdf_ico Nefedova A. S. Patriotic Upbringing of Students in the Modern World
Pdf_ico Kiseleva I. N. Organization of External Auditing Activities of Students, as Prevention of Social-Negative Phenomena in the Youth Environment


Pdf_ico Gvozdeva E. N., Loginova E. G. Theoretical Aspects of Person’s National Consciousness Formation in the Process of Foreign Language Learning
Pdf_ico Levdanskaya Yu. Yu., Popova N. N. Image of Parenthood in the National Tradition of Family Upbringing
Pdf_ico Dagbaeva N. Zh., Lopsonova Z. B. Designing of Cultural Practices of Preschool Children: Regional-Ethnic Aspect
Pdf_ico Tsidenova Kh. G., Sodnomov S. Ts. Pedagogical Value of the Genre “Tailburi” of Buryat Didactic Literature According to R. Nomtoev’s “Rashiyana drops”

Scientific Life

Pdf_ico Bylkov A. V. On a Vector of Development: Keeping Century Traditions and Finding new Meanings
Pdf_ico Klimenko T. K., Klimova L. F., Rogova A. V., Erdyneeva K. G. “We Remember the Past Days...” (to the 75th Anniversary of the Department of Pedagogy, ChGPI – ZabGGPU – ZabGU)
Pdf_ico Bordonskaya L. A., Potapov G. A., Starostina S. E. Training of Specialists in the Field of Physics and Mathematics Education: Pages from the History of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics (1938–2012)

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Pdf_ico Pedagogical Sciences. 2018. Vol. 13, No. 5