Vocational Education, Theory and Methods of Teaching,Vol. 12, No. 6, 2017

Theory and methods of professional pedagogical education

Pdf_ico Bordonskaya L. A., Igumnova E. A., Ladygina I. V. Value Aspects of Mastering Modern Information and Communication Technologies by Future Pedagogs
Pdf_ico Vandanova E. L. On the Content of the Educational Program in Family Education for Additional Professional Pedagogical Education
Pdf_ico Desnenko S. I. Assessment Tools for Forming Professional Competencies of a Future Physics Teacher in the Study of Methodical Disciplines
Pdf_ico Mikheeva T. B. Educational Space as a Phenomenon of Culture and the “Place” of Personality Formation
Pdf_ico Novikov A. N. The Implementation of the Master’s Program “Geographical Education” in the Context of the Manifestation of Metacompetence Contradictions of Convergence (Based on the Example of FSBEI HE “Transbaikal State University”)
Pdf_ico Romanova L. S. Training Future Teachers to Ensure Children’s Safety on the Road and in Transport
Pdf_ico Shkabura I. A., Lysikova T. S. Development of Professional Competencies of Baccalaureate Teacher Education: Experience of Participation in the Regional Stage of the International Championship “Young Professionals” (“WorldSkills Russia”)

Pdf_ico Drozdova O. E. Forming the Ability of Future Teachers of Different Subjects to Use Russian As a Means of Teaching
Pdf_ico Proskurina G. A. Developing Non-linguistic Institution Students’ Ability to Deliver Foreign Oral Business-based Argumentative Speech
Pdf_ico Trofimova O. V. The Use of Communicative and Speech Tasks at the Russian Language Lessons to Prepare Students for an Oral Interview (for Secondary School Graduates)
Pdf_ico Fedorova M. A., Churilova I. N. Games as a Way of Optimizing the Educational Process While Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language to Adults
Pdf_ico Cherepanova L. V. System-activity Approach to Teaching Schoolchildren to Give Developed Verbal Responses to Linguistic Topics


Pdf_ico Antoshkina A. A. Negative Text as a Means of Forming Schoolchildren’s Regulatory Universal Learning Actions
Pdf_ico Bogdanova E. S. Formulating Semantic Hypotheses while Developing Students’ Skills of Perceiving and Interpreting a Literary Text
Pdf_ico Dyakova E. A. Problems of Implementing the School Standard: Training Physics Teachers to Achieve Educational Outcomes
Pdf_ico Ulsutueva O. D. Organization of Inclusive Education in Preschool Educational Institutions
Pdf_ico Yakushevskaya E. B., Pushkareva M. S., Popova O. A. Realisation of a Regional Component on the Example of Studying the Course “Transbaikal Region Green World” in a Secondary School


Pdf_ico Korotaeva Е. V. Pedagogy of Summer Holidays: Three Sources and Three Components
Pdf_ico Koriakin K. V., Makarenkova E. M. Problems of Implementing the Bologna Process in the Context of the Russian System of Higher Education
Pdf_ico Levchenko O. Yu. Foreign Languages in Commercial Education in Russia: Historical and Pedagogical Analysis
Pdf_ico Pryazhennikova M. V. Organization of Cultural and Recreational Activities of Schoolchildren in Eastern Transbaikalia in the 1920s–1930s

Scientific Life

Pdf_ico Kuznetsov V. V., Yaremchuk O. A. Strokes to the Pedagogical Portrait of Igor Kirillov (On the Occasion of His 80th Birthday)

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Pdf_ico Vocational Education, Theory and Methods of Teaching, Vol. 12, No. 6, 2017