Pedagogical Sciences, Vol. 13, No. 2. 2018


Pdf_ico Dugarova D. C., Vandanova E. L., Chuprova D. V. External Expert Evaluation of the Quality of Education as a Socially Significant Benefit
Pdf_ico Gomboeva M. I., Sergeev D. V., Spanderashvili N. I. Questions of Formation of Experts’ Licensing System in the Sphere of Art and Cultural Education
Pdf_ico Zvoleyko E. V. Tendencies, Problems and Prospects for the Development of Defectology Science and Practice in the Russian Federation
Pdf_ico Vazhenina O. A. Mass Media as a Tool of Humanistic Education in Society
Pdf_ico Ushnikova O. V., Mikhalyova S. N. Project and Independent Work Integration for Future Teachers’ Professional Development


Pdf_ico Bal’bekov R. Yu., Verоpotvelyan D. O., Churilov E. V. Specificity of the Russian Language Teaching in a Military Technical Institute
Pdf_ico Bodrikov A. B. Linguistic and Cultural Study of the Воин (Warrior) Concept in the Military Technical Institute Audience
Pdf_ico Borovitskiy A. M. Increase in Efficiency of Mastering Educational Material by Students during the Implementation of the Educational Activities of the Military Institute
Pdf_ico Desnenko S. I., Kobzar’ A. N. Professionally Oriented Content of Physics in Medical Institutions of Higher Education
Pdf_ico Gusevskaya N. Yu., Eremina V. M. Development of Foreign Language Communicative Competence in Higher School: in Search for Tackling the Problem
Pdf_ico Serezhnikova R. K., Vasilyev L. G., Makarova V. A., Khachikyan E. I. The Imageсreativity of the Future Teacher as the Basis of Pedagogical Professionalism
Pdf_ico Skomorokhova N. А. Experience in Including Knowledge about Gender in the Content of the Discipline “Psychology” in the Preparation of Bachelors of Pedagogical Education


Pdf_ico Ivanov V. G. System Approach to the Training of Competent Specialists in the Context of Interaction between Educational Organization and Production
Pdf_ico Baktybayeva A. T. Electronic Textbook as a Means of Developing Listening Skills in the Course of Russian Studied by Foreign Medical Students
Pdf_ico Pimenova M. V., Bodrikov A. B. Formation of Cadets Linguocultural Competence in Military Institutes on the Basis of the Воин (Warrior) Concept
Pdf_ico Kaplina S. E. Method of Interdisciplinary Ecological Projection as One of Forms of Professional Orientation Realization during Foreign Languages Classes with Students of Technical Specialities

Scientific Life

Pdf_ico Korshunova N. L. Innovative and Timely Edition (Review of the Great Thematic Dictionary on Education and Pedagogy by Polonsky)

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Pdf_ico Pedagogical Sciences, Vol. 13, No. 2, 2018.