Scholarly Notes of Transbaikal State University


Pdf_ico Erdyneeva K. G., Klimenko T. K., Bordonskaya L. A., Igumnova E. A., Levdanskaya Yu. Yu. University as a Subject of the Region in Development: Methodological Approaches and Principles
Pdf_ico Levchenko O. Yu. The Experience of Reforming of the Domestic Foreign Language Teaching at the Turn of the XIX–XX Centuries
Pdf_ico Komarova E. N. Ideas About Heuristic Conversation of Russian Language Teachers
Pdf_ico Zvoleyko E. V. Specification of General Requirements to the Organization of Educational Process for Students with Disabilities


Pdf_ico Shesterkina L. P., Marfittsyna A. R. Project Journalism and Current Trends in Journalistic Education
Pdf_ico Zherebyatnikova G. V., Polkovnikova E. Yu. Project Technology in the Formation of Future Teachers’ Creative Activity in the Educational Process of the University
Pdf_ico Desnenko S. I., Pakhomova T. E. Complexes of Tasks as Special Didactic Means of Forming ICT-Competence of Future Teachers of Pre-School Educational Organizations
Pdf_ico Yelashkina N. V., Zagraiskaya Yu. S. Network Community as Means of Intercultural Communication in a Foreign Language


Pdf_ico Shirokova V. V. Formation of Universal Educational Action of Modeling of Younger Schoolchildren at Lessons of the Fine Arts
Pdf_ico Shemereko A. S., Chernik V. E. Formation of the Ability to Self-Organization of Children of the Senior Preschool Age

Pedagogical psychology

Pdf_ico Ereschenko Yu. V. Psychological Features of Professional Adaptation of Students Doing Internship at School
Pdf_ico Malakhova V. R., Chernyavskaya V. S. Psychological Mechanism of Personality Self-Disclosure in General Education
Pdf_ico Marinenko O. P., Snopkova E. I. The Social Component as the Dominant of Supportive Environment for International Students

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Pdf_ico Scholarly Notes of Transbaikal State University. 2019. Vol. 14, No. 1