Scholarly Notes of Transbaikal State University. 2019. Vol. 14, No. 5

Theory and methods of professional pedagogical education

Pdf_ico A. I. Ulzytuyeva, N. V. Vasilyeva, A. V. Kurganskaya The State of Linguistic and Communicative Competencies’ Formation of the “Primary Education” Profile Students
Pdf_ico E. V. Korotaeva, I. S. Bukharova On Organization of Academic Activity in a Higher Education Institution: Issues of Feedback
Pdf_ico T. S. Lysikova, O. D. Ulsutueva Modeling Educational and Professional Tasks in the Educational Process of the University
Pdf_ico T. B. Mikheeva, M. V. Ereshchenko, R. M. Tazapchiyan Culturological Aspect of Professional Competence of the Teacher of Russian language of Multicultural (Polyethnical) School
Pdf_ico Yu. Yu. Levdanskaya Possibilities of Mental-Active Pedagogy in the Formation of Innovative Type of a Teacher’s Personality
Pdf_ico L. A. Bordonskaya, E. A. Igumnova Integration on Open Educational Space as a Factor of Professional Growth of Future Teachers in the XXI Century


Pdf_ico T. S. Bazarova Development of Creative Potential as a Factor in Socio-creative Personality of a Future Specialist of Social Work
Pdf_ico N. B. Lumbunova General Competencies Formation at Mathematics and Natural Sciences Subjects
Pdf_ico A. N. Kobzar Specialized Learning Tasks in the Framework of the Discipline “Physics, mathematics” when Teaching Future Doctors
Pdf_ico N. N. Popova Pedagogical Prevention of a Student’s Extremistic Personality Orientation
Pdf_ico E. V. Zvoleyko Organization and Content of Practices of Students Studying in the Direction of “Special (Defectological) Education”, Profile “Speech Therapy”
Pdf_ico S. A. Ivanov, S. E. Starostina, P. B. Avdeev, D. Ts. Dugarova Qualifications Standards as Paths for Higher and Vocational Educational Quality Assurance in the Region
Pdf_ico E. I. Kholmogorova, V. M. Eremina Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Use in Teaching University Students


Pdf_ico N. V. Vasilyeva Elective Course as an Organizational Form of Cultural Competence Development in Secondary School
Pdf_ico L. V. Cherepanova On the Justification for the Methodical System of Training Schoolchildren to Listening Comprehension of Academic Linguistic Texts in Russian
Pdf_ico N. I. Volynchuk, V. I. Snegurova Teacher’s Readiness to Work with Gifted Children
Pdf_ico E. A. Chernova Potential Project Activities in Collaboration of an Additional Education Teacher of Children with Disabilities
Pdf_ico N. M. Saraeva, E. A. Igumnova, A. A. Sukhanov Research Activities to Study the Environmental Condition of the Atmosphere in Chita (Within the Implementation of the Educational Part of a Project to Analyze Resilience of Transbaikalia Schoolchildren and Students)
Pdf_ico L. V. Skorova Psychological Aspect of Educational Media Resource Choice Problem in the Internet by Teacher

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Pdf_ico Scholarly Notes of Transbaikal State University. 2019. Vol. 14, No. 5