Rogova Antonina Viktorovna

Doctor of pedagogy, Professor, St. Petersburg Union of Scientists
(Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Head of Research Laboratory “Education and socialization of a person” (since 2004)

Education and Degrees

Doctor of Sciences, Pedagogy (2004), Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia (Saint Petersburg)

Candidate of Sciences, Pedagogy (1984), Lenin Moscow State Pedagogical Institute

Academic Title: Professor

Academic Awards

Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation (1998)

Honored Worker of Higher Vocational Education of the Russian Federation (2004)

Honorary title “Founder of the Scientific School” (2011) from Russian Academy of Natural Science

Research Interests: History of pedagogics; Pedagogics of higher school; Art, esthetic, spiritual and moral education of the personality.

Academic Councils and Research Management

Supervised 22 Candidate dissertations

Member of the Dissertation Council (Transbaikal State University)

Member of the Scientific Council in problems of history of education and pedagogy, Russian Academy of Education (2012)

Supervisor of Master Course “Pedagogy and psychology of upbringing”.

List of publications

Titles, awards

Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation (1998), Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation (2004). A.V. Rogova is a recognized specialist in the field of national historical and pedagogical science. In 2011, the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences A.V. Rogova was awarded the honorary title “Founder of a Scientific School”.

In 2012, she was included in the Scientific Council for the History of Education and Pedagogical Science of the Russian Academy of Education, operating on the basis of the Institute of Theory and History of Pedagogy of the Russian Academy of Education.

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