Pedagogical Sciences

Pedagogical Sciences

The journal is a collection of original and review scientific papers on theoretical and practical pedagogy, as well as related psychology. Researchers are interested in the problem of lifelong learning as a condition of human competitiveness in the post-industrial world.

The materials of the journal will be interesting to a wide scientific community, university teachers, postgraduates, students, workers in culture and education.

Fundamental approaches in education. Modern Pedagogy: Trends, Technologies and Innovations. History of education. Domestic Pedagogy: Trends, Technologies and Innovations. Education for sustainable development.

school pedagogy. Theory and methodology of preschool, school and additional education of children. Integration of education and upbringing. Pedagogy of spiritual and moral education. Domestic and international experience of continuous education. Pedagogical psychology.

Theory and methodology of vocational education. Competence-based approach in the system of continuous education.