Physics. Maths. Technics. Technology


    This issue is a collection of original and review scientific articles on the analytical solution of urgent interdisciplinary problems: mathematical and experimental physics, engineering technologies and modern nanomaterials science in the context of biotechnology and bioengineering.

    The materials will be of interest to the general scientific community, university teachers, graduate students, students, cultural and educational workers.

Issuing Editors:

           S. E. Kholodovsky, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor (Chita, Russia),

            S. F. Zabelin, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Chita, Russia).

Headings: Problems of Mathematical Physics. Mathematical models of physical processes. Problems of modern nanomaterials science. New nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for engineering and medicine. Biotechnology (including bionanotechnology).

General headings: Discussions and reviews. Scientific life. Book review.