Klimenko Tatyana Konstantinovna

Klimenko Tatyana Konstantinovna, Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor, Professor of the Department of Pedagogy, Dean of the Psychological and Pedagogical Faculty of the Trans-Baikal State University (Chita, Russia).

1975 – Graduated from the Chita State Pedagogical Institute. NG Chernyshevsky, specialty: history and social science;
1986 – completed postgraduate studies at the Department of Pedagogy of the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute;
2000 – graduated from doctoral studies at the Khabarovsk State Pedagogical University.
The topic of his doctoral dissertation “Innovative education as a factor in the formation of a future teacher”, 2000.
Research interests: innovative education, personal and professional formation of the personality of a future teacher, management of the education system and the quality of education.

Contact Information:

e-mail: klimenko_tk@mail.ru