The journal “Scholarly Notes of Transbaikal State University” is a Russian scientific periodical in the field of “Education and Pedagogic Sciences”. Ideological and conceptual field of the journal is associated with the problem of lifelong education as a condition for human competitiveness in the post-industrial world.

In the modern post-industrial world, education plays a fundamentally new role. It is designed to ensure the competitiveness of a person. Therefore, the ideology of lifelong learning determines the educational policy in the world, including Russia. The motto “Life-Long Learning” defines the ideology of lifelong learning and attracts the attention of specialists and researchers not only in pedagogy, but also in philosophy and history of education, educational anthropology, educational law, subject methods.

Solving the problems of lifelong formal and informal education requires an interdisciplinary approach, discussion of domestic and world practices of preschool, school, secondary special and higher education, the possibility of their approbation, adaptation and implementation in the socio-cultural and economic space of the state. In addition, “self-motivation to learn” is a full understanding of the motives and actions performed for self-education, the desire to develop and gain knowledge. Lifelong education implies a continuous development throughout the life of a person, his/her self-actualization and professional improvement.

Priority goals of the editorial policy are the following:

▲ Popularization of science, multiplication of scientific-theoretical base of the research on actual issues of lifelong education as a condition for human competitiveness in the post-industrial world.

▲ Comprehensive international cooperation of scientists from different countries.

▲ Creation of favorable atmosphere and effective conditions for significant results’ publication of fundamental and applied scientific researches.

Target audience of the Journal:

The journal “Scholarly Notes of Transbaikal State University” is addressed to the general scientific community, scientists, university professors, postgraduates, students, cultural and educational figures – everyone who is interested in information about current problems of lifelong education.

Characteristics of the Journal content:

Profile headings of the journal initiate discussions on the theory, methodology and practice of lifelong education:

  • Theory and methodology of continuing education.
  • Domestic and international experience in lifelong learning. History of education.
  • Education for sustainable development.
  • Modern Pedagogy: trends, technologies and innovations.
  • Theory and methods of professional education (intermediate vocational education, higher education, additional education for adults)
  • Theory and techniques of preschool, school and additional education for children
  • Education and upbringing integration
  • Monitoring of lifelong education
  • Pedagogy of spiritual and moral education.

The rubric “Discussions and reviews” contains scientific comments, provides the original view of the famous researcher on current problems of Pedagogy. The final rubric in the journal “Scientific Life” is devoted to the results of scientific and practical conferences, review of new scientific literature.

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