The first issue of the journal Scholarly Notes of Chita State Pedagogical University was published in 1957. The papers published were classified into separate series: Physics and mathematics; Natural sciences; Issues of the CPSU and political economy; Issues of history and archeology; Russian and literature; Teaching and upbringing; Study of the foreign languages.

Among the authors of the journal there were both famous scientists and young researchers who are scholars of authority in different areas of science nowadays: I.A. Valentinova, A.I. Gorshkov, A.G. Inter, L.Yu. Korenyuk, P.E. Kryazhev, M.A, Masalov, A.P. Okladnikov, I.M. Osokin, C.E. Pavlovich, V.M. Radygin, M.I. Rizhskyi, A.A. Tatuiko, K.V. Tyn, V.A. Tyn, G.E. Chepurnykh, M.A. Chistov, A.G. Shchepin, B.A. Shishkin, A.P. Shkatulova, etc.

In the late 1990s the journal was retitled as Scholarly Notes of Zabaikalsky State Humanitarian-Pedagogical University named after N.G. Chernyshevsky and included several series: Natural Sciences; Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Technology; Philology, History, Oriental Studies; Pedagogy and Psychology; Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Social Work; Vocational Education, Theory and Methods of Teaching. The series sections included the following: ‘According to the pages of scholarly notes of the past’; ‘Scientific research’; ‘Scientific reports’; ‘People. Years. Events’; ‘Book review’; ‘Information for authors’, and ‘Author guidelines’. A well-known professor T.K. Klimenko (Doctor of Pedagogy) was the journal’s editor-in-chief for a long time.

At present, Scholarly Notes of Transbaikal State University is a serial publication which has international standard serial numbers (ISSN) and the profile editorial board.

Scholarly Notes of Transbaikal State University is included into the Russian Science Citation Index and is registered in Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, the international library directory and database.

In 2013, due to the change of the founder (order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation No. 33 dated 20.01.2012). the title of the journal was changed to “Scientific Notes of the Trans-Baikal State University”.

Since 2018, by decision of the Higher Attestation Commission, the series has been discontinued: biological sciences, sociological sciences.

In 2019, all series of the magazine were merged into one magazine with a common ISSN.

By the editorial staff, the journal is sent to the libraries of the leading universities of Russia, to the Book Chamber, the Library of the Academy of Sciences and the libraries of the Trans-Baikal Territory, indexed and placed in databases: Scientific Electronic Library (RSCI), CrossRef, Viniti RAS, University Library Online, CyberLeninka, etc.