Panov Viktor Ivanovich

Head of the Laboratory of Ecopsychology of Development, Psychology Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow)

Corresponding Member, Russian Academy of Sciences

Education and Degrees

Doctor of Sciences, Psychology (1996)

Diploma: Moscow State Pedagogical Institute, mathematics (1973)

Academic Title: Professor

Research Interests: ecopsychology of Human Development

Organizer of eight scientific conferences in ecological psychology (1996 – 2010)

Author of the training course “Ecological Psychology”

Author of 343 publications


– The Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation (RHSF) grant “The 5th Russian conference on ecological psychology” (no. 08-06-14067g), 2008
– The RHSF grant “Ecological consciousness and ecology of behavior”( 09-06-00629а), 2009
– The RHSF grant “A.I. Mirakyan and modern psychology of perception”(no. 10-06-14212g), 2010
– The RHSF grant “Research of mentality: gnoseological, ontologic and transcendental paradigms”(no. 11-06-00735а), 2011-2013
– The RHSF grant “Influence of additional education on structure of consciousness” (10-06-00434а), 2010-2012
– The RHSF grant “Development of theoretical and methodological bases of research and formation of creative competence of the teacher”(no. 11-06-00739а), 2011-2012
Supervision of eleven postgraduate research dissertations

Member of editorial boards in the following journals:

Russian scientific journal

Yaroslavskiy psikhologicheskiy vestnik (Demidov Yaroslavl Pedagogical University)

Akmeologiya obrazovaniya (Nekrasov Kostroma State University)

Theoretical and experimental psychology (RAS)

Experimental psychology (Moscow City Pedagogical University)

Member of Dissertation Councils

Chairman of Advisory council in complex study of the person (ecology of the person, psychology, pedagogics), Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation

Member of Scientific council in ecological education, Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences

Member of Expert and analytical council of the International association of the Russian hand-to-hand fighting

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