Submission Guidelines for Foreign Authors

The editors accept previously unpublished materials not exceeding 1 paper in volume. l. = 40 thousand characters (with spaces and taking into account all footnotes), including illustrations (1 illustration with a format of 190 × 270 mm is 1/6 of the author’s page, or 6.7 thousand characters) in Russian and English. All incoming materials are checked for originality in the Anti-Plagiarism licensed program. Mandatory originality of the article is 70-75%. The originality of the review article should be at least 57-60%.

                                  THE STRUCTURE OF THE PAPER

Branch of science (journal section)

Initials, author’s/co-author’s surname (in Russian and English). Contribution of each author or the main author into research should be given in Russian and English (one sentence long).

Place of work
Postal work address


Title of the paper in Russian and English (lowcase letters only).

Abstract (200 words) in Russian and English. The abstract should reflect the main research findings but should not contain any references.

Keywords or word combinations (5-7) are separated by a comma (in Russian and English).

The body text of the paper with references to the works cited.

References indicated as cited (mentioned in the text of the article) and must include at least 15 sources (including at least 5 for the last 4 years), foreign – at least 5 names. If available, DOI is indicated in the source



   Margins of the A4-size page (book orientation) should be: top and bottom –2 cm, left and right –2.5 cm. The main text should be Arial, 14 pt with 1.5 spacing. First line indent – 1.25. The text should not include automatic hyphenation; it should be centered on the width.

   If using additional fonts, submit them to the editorial board.

   Languages of publications: Russian or English.

   In the text, references are given in square brackets, indicating the source number and the page number, e.g. [1, p. 25]. Several sources are separated by a semicolon [1; 3; 4].

   The author’s comments and explanations are given as endnotes marked by Arabic numbers, use page numbering.




Information about the author Fill in in Russian (if possible) Fill in in English
1 Full name    
2 Academic title    
3 Degree    
4 Affiliation (country, city, institution,  department, etc.)    
5 Position    
6 e-mail    
7 Series, section

Publication for foreign authors is free.

Royalties are not paid.

The journal is available only in electronic format.

Electronic submissions should be sent to Executive Secretary Sedina Elena 
Tel. +7(3022) 35-24-79